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Fibroblast , a gift for your skin.

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Plasma Fibroblast Skin tightening


Fibroblast Tightening treatment is a revolutionary method for a perfect facial rejuvenation.

The term “Soft Surgery” is used to describe the treatment because it delivers results similar to surgery, with no scalpel, stitches or bandages and minimal downtime. It is important to have in mind that surgical methods are far more expensive and the surgery risk of anesthesia, stitches, swelling, long downtime, possible complications, bruises are very common, while the end results are comparable with the Plasma Fibroblast treatment.  A minimally invasive procedure with much lower risk and at a more affordable price than actual surgery.

Scar Camouflage


Scar Camouflage treatment can be applied to conceal any scar, on the face or elsewhere on the body. It lasts up to three years on the skin. It looks like a professionally applied make-up concealer that will not wash off.

Imagine no longer worrying about unsightly scars? Or never having to cover them with topical makeup that smudges and make a mess when you go out?

Scalp Shadding


Using a 3D shading and feathering technique,  is applied to the hair loss area of the scalp. This creates the illusion of real hair without the painful surgery. Any area of the scalp with hair loss can be shaded, from the crown to the hairline. It is perfect for men and women, all styles and types of hair. Colors are customized to match your hair color, so it is virtually blended with the existing hair to create a full, natural look.

Areola 3D


Areola Reconstruction is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that is used to correct the shape and color of areolas.  After surgery or cancer treatments areoles can be left uneven or even nonexistent. This procedure  reshape them and add the correct pigment tone back in creating symmetrical areolas. This procedure is often done in addition to Scar Camouflage.

The results are completely natural and the procedure takes about an hour with no downtime and designed just for you.

Vitiligo ( Skin retone)


vitiligo camouflage treatment is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that lasts up to 3 years on the skin without washing off. It is effective, safe and can cover vitiligo on the face, hands, and body. The procedure changes lives.  There is no form of permanent cosmetics like it. 

Tattoo Removal


.Are you tired of your old tattoos? Don't be worry . There is a solution!


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